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Welcome to Healthy Equal Youth. We represent the interests of the youth, uphold your rights, and amplify your needs.
We are a leading voice in amplifying the interests of the youth and developing strategies for youth inclusion. We make reports available on the status of youth inclusion and representation. We are a centre of advocacy, where the interests of young people are championed to ensure that all rights are recognised and protected. We amplify the voices of the minorities and marginalised. We come up with recommendations that can help shape the future of young people and cement their places as relevant voices to growth and development.

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Climate Change

Climate change is a crucial problem in the world today. The rate at which the world is witnessing climate change is unprecedented. More greenhouse gases are getting into our atmosphere, and the sea levels are rising alarmingly. Climate change is real, and it will be hypocritical to deny its existence. Around the world, temperatures and ice sheets are rising. Australia has been facing scorching summers, which has threatened her coral reef system. There is more catastrophic fire, and droughts are on the increase.


We must make provisions for disable people and accommodate their interests. Young disabled people are faced with different challenges everywhere they turn, and it will be unfair to nor address these. Disabled persons should not be limited by barriers that prevent them from achieving their potentials. They should be positioned to be able to do whatever they want without feeling discriminated against. What we should strive to do is to help them break the barriers and provide mechanisms that alleviate their conditions. This will ensure that they are set on the path to actualise their potentials.

Housing & Homelessness

The problem of homelessness is one of the major problems that youth face in Australia. For instance, in Victoria, over 6 000 young persons were homeless before Covid-19. Now, when we consider the impacts of Covid-19, it is clear that this number would have risen and created even more difficulties for young people to survive the stiff economic realities. There is a need to create more housing solutions for young people. If this problem is not addressed early enough, it will continue to widen and create further problems, which may have stiffer implications on the livelihoods of young persons.

Mental Health

Mental health is an essential part of wellness. Mental health challenges are some of the problems that young people face. Once there is a problem coping with the surrounding or finding fault with their actions, young people begin to feel inadequate. Several reasons may account for mental health issues when it comes to young people. As such, it is necessary to protect them if the state cares about its future. The young ones are the brilliant minds of today and will become the leaders of tomorrow. Ensuring their safety through adequate support is non-negotiable.

Youth Participation

The voices of young people remain one of their most essential tools. For successful policies and governance, young people must be involved. The government must create avenues to ensure that young people have a stake in developmental processes. The absence of youth participation merely creates non-inclusive governance. This is counterproductive and doesn’t make for adequate preparation for the future. To ensure we move forward appropriately and foster all-round solutions, the government must hearken to the voices of young people.

Child Protection

Child protection is one of the most important things to do. Children will grow to become adults, and adults will become the ones in charge of the future. Placing children in situations that could cause them harm is not only harmful but also not a forward-thinking approach. We must protect children and ensure they are out of harm’s way. By so doing, we will be fostering an environment that is safe and secure for the mental wellness of children.

Family Violence

Family violence is one of the common forms of violence existing. There is a need to prevent people from violence from their spouse or their parents or siblings. It is essential that we create a society that is a safe space for everyone. The rampant family violence should be eliminated through effective ways that will help mitigate the problem. The consequences of family violence are a lot.

Gender & Sexuality

Gender and sexuality discrimination are some of the common forms of discrimination existing. People should not have to suffer discrimination based on their gender or their choice of sexuality. To ensure we fight this discrimination, there must a collaborative approach that deals with notions of discrimination and also upholds the initiatives that foster talks on sexualities.
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