Climate Change

Climate Change Affects Young People Severely

Climate change is a real issue facing the world. The world is heating up at an alarming rate. Climate change is evidence that the actions of human beings have consequences. The unchecked disposal of waste and use of oil causes the ozone layer to gradually damage. The result of this is that the environment is heating up and putting more people and organisms at risk.

The Dangerous Reality For Young People

The rate at which the world is witnessing climate change is unprecedented. More greenhouse gases are getting into our atmosphere, and the sea levels are rising alarmingly. Clearly, climate change is real, and it will be hypocritical to deny its existence. Around the world, temperatures and ice sheets are rising. Australia has been facing scorching summers, which has threatened her coral reef system. There is more catastrophic fire, and droughts are on the increase. The reality of all this is that they will affect the lives and livelihoods of many. Climate change threatens not only the present generation but also future ones. If the earth cannot be sustained today, how can the earth be kept in excellent condition for those coming tomorrow. If emissions and unchecked human activities continue at the current rate, the temperatures in Australia are estimated to rise to dangerous levels by 2030. In the absence of a proper strategy and plan to prevent and mitigate the impacts of climate change, the present generation will face a lot of consequences that will leave the earth in a terrible shape for the next generation.

What Happens In The Absence of Climate Action?

The consequences of climate change are immense. This is further complicated when there are no meaningful and practical strategies to prevent the consequences or mitigate them. In the absence of such, there are a lot of issues young people are bound to face. The first is concerning health. In the absence of climate action, young people’s health will deteriorate, and they will face severe health outcomes. The climate crises will cause an increase in the mortality rate and vulnerability to serious injury. Young people will be faced with death and also limited use of the earth. Climate change is wiping out animals regularly. If this continues without a plan, young people will face a rather limited enjoyment of the entirety of earth and its elements.
Mental health is another issue up for discourse. In the absence of a plan to mitigate the impacts of climate change, young people will face stiff mental health issues. In Australia, there is a direct link between the rise in temperatures and suicide rate. This shows that young people face anxiety as a result of the uncertainty of the planet’s future. So, if this continues and nothing changes, young people are at a greater risk of mental health challenges. Generally, the effects of climate change tend to worsen the lives of young people. Aside from the above consequences, young people will be inheriting a future that affords them less when compared to those against them. Already, the chances are high that the younger generation may have lower living standards to those before them. With a problem such as climate change, this only worsens, as the future becomes more skewed.

Preventing Climate Crisis: A Possibility?

Climate change is not without ways to mitigate it. While some argue that climate cannot be stopped, but mitigated, others argue that it can be stopped if human actions are checked. Either way, there are ways to foster solutions and prevent persistence of climate change and its consequences. We must develop plans and policies to prevent carbon emissions and other forms of pollution to prevent extreme climate change consequences. With the appropriate policies to regulate human actions, we can ensure that climate change is mitigated and the lives of young people get better. Notably, Australia is the third biggest exporting country for fossil fuels. As such, the policies we make in Australia affects the global scale. Therefore, it is essential to implement these policies.

Government Must Collaborate With Young People

There is a need for collaboration between young people and the government. This can only be done if the government recognises the impacts of young people and the fact that they will be the most affected. The current government has established any formal means of engaging young people and aggregating their ideas for the best interest. Hence, there is a need for collaboration between the two. The government needs to develop mechanisms that bring in young people and accommodate their inputs.

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