Solving The Challenges Faced By Disabled People

One of the critical instruments of quality politics is representation. There is a need to represent the interests of all persons irrespective of their circumstances or their sexual orientations. Out of every ten young people in Australia, at least one has a disability. Regardless, these disabled persons are inadequately represented in leadership positions and decision-making stages. Yet, these decisions, law, and policies made are binding on them. It is essential that we make provisions for disable people and accommodate their interests. Young disabled people are faced with different challenges everywhere they turn, and it will be unfair to nor address these. Disabled persons should not be limited by barriers that prevent them from achieving their potentials. They should be positioned to be able to do whatever they want without feeling discriminated against. What we should strive to do is to help them break the barriers and provide mechanisms that alleviate their conditions. This will ensure that they are set on the path to actualise their potentials.

Evaluating The Budget For Inclusion

One of the ways to accommodate the interest of disabled persons is by making representations that affect them. This can be done through the budget. A quick analysis of the budget here is necessary to see the regard had to access and inclusion, which includes disabled persons. It is notable that the State government budget provides for a sizable investment in inclusive education to ensure that marginalised people have the access they deserve.

Disable Young People Win Funding To Manifest Their Potentials

strategies into realities. This makes it expedient to fund organisations championing the cause of disabled persons and fostering solutions on how to improve the situation. Over three years of championing the cause of disability, the Young Disability Advocacy Service in partnership with Children and Young People with Disability Australia have been able to raise close to $1 million in funding. These organisations developed an impressive Emerging Young Leaders Program through which they support the leadership dreams of disabled young people to become leaders in their communities, schools, and workplaces. The importance of the program is to help leaders develop their confidence, and all they need to develop their leadership potentials. Disabled persons should be able to do whatever it is they truly desire to do. As such, by offering them an avenue where they can receive the training and the skills they require, they can go ahead to become leaders in their respective communities. The EYLP program has worked with several disabled young persons to actualise their dreams. With several positive reviews on the essence of the program, the organisers have been able to advance the cause of the disabled. Mary Sayer, CEO of CYDA noted that the funding received would further strengthen and boost the capability of the program to reach more young disabled persons and offer them opportunities in unprecedented ways. With adequate funding, organisations that can offer disabled persons opportunities on state and national fronts.

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