Family Violence

Eliminating Family Violence

Family violence is one of the common forms of violence existing. There is a need to prevent people from violence from their spouse or their parents or siblings. It is essential that we create a society that is a safe space for everyone. The rampant family violence should be eliminated through effective ways that will help mitigate the problem. The consequences of family violence are a lot. From physical harm to trauma, someone who suffers continued family violence can carry the pain for years with memories that haunt them forever.

The Australian Public Health Association defines family violence using a comprehensive approach thus:

How Common Is Family Violence In Australia?

Estimations now have it that family violence is prevalent in Australia. The problem is endemic, with women often suffering a whole lot as a result of the violence. Figures reveal that women are eight times more likely to be a victim of family violence in Australia. In the same manner, women also suffer a great deal from their male partners due to family violence. Further evidence shows that women are often admitted more to emergency departments in hospitals. This goes to show the rate at which family violence is predominant in Australia and how women suffer a lot with regard to this. There is a pressing need to address the issue and provide adequate channels to report incidences and protect victims of family violence.

Safety is an important part of existence. There must be adequate protection, which is a job of the government, as well as the communities. Through a collaborative effort, family violence can be dealt a great blow and those found wanting can be brought to justice. The aim of our initiatives is to ensure a society free from violence and where people can have rights without them being threatened by anyone.

Family Violence In Practice

Family violence thrives on certain notions which exist in the society. Often, victims of family violence do not disclose the incidences. While one may wonder why this is so, the answer is not far-fetched. Women who suffer from family violence are often unable to report the incidence due to fear and disbelief. They fear that reporting may further aggravate the problem and they are in disbelief because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their spouse inflicted pain on them. These things further complicate the problem and sometimes leads to a normalisation of abuse in homes. Some women do not also leave abusive homes because they have children. Several notions like this are responsible for the continued family violence that exists. When women realise that they can no longer leave these relationships, very few of them seek help. It is often difficult for victims of family violence to seek the help they need. They continue to normalise the process hoping it will go away or accept such as a part of their reality. Other times, when they seek help, they may not be fully open to the process, as years if trauma may have piled up. Although understandable, this does not help the process of healing and getting out of abusive relationships. This is why we must come together to support victims of abuse and provide them with a safe space where they can heal and find themselves again. These are the intrinsic problems that continue to aid family violence in our societies.


We aim to offer support to victims of family violence. We understand how deep the issues of domestic violence can be. This is why we make use of our experts with years of experience in counselling and helping out victims. We are concerned about creating a society of people who are free from their trauma. Through a careful approach in different sessions, our experts help to understand how you can cope and find yourself again. We believe that achieving a family-violence-free society has a lot to do with deliberateness. There must be consequences for family violence. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. Also, there is a need for education on existing orientations to change them for the better.

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