Housing & Homelessness

Solving the Housing Needs For Young People

The problem of homelessness is one of the major problems that youth face in Australia. For instance, in Victoria, over 6 000 young persons were homeless before Covid-19. Now, when we consider the impacts of Covid-19, it is clear that this number would have risen and created even more difficulties for young people to survive the stiff economic realities. There is a need to create more housing solutions for young people. If this problem is not addressed early enough, it will continue to widen and create further problems, which may have stiffer implications on the livelihoods of young persons. It is not as though the country doesn’t have the resources to cater to the needs of young people. The resources exist. What is needed is more deliberateness and commitment to providing housing solutions for the homeless. Young people are calling on the government to address these needs timely and effectively. We call on the government to recognise the harsh housing conditions which young people face, especially those living in the towers. This young people are contributing significantly to community building and development, yet their living conditions are not in great shape. Furthermore, the government must acknowledge the place of young people in community development. Young people play great roles in communicating essential messages to their communities and their families. They liaise effectively and ensure to serve as a worthy information channel. This makes it important for the government to acknowledge these roles to show that the government is committed to the welfare of these young generation. The government must pay attention to their lives and welfare, especially concerning jobs and education.

Four Recommendations For A Better System

To create an environment that makes way for the interests of young people and effectively attends to their housing needs, the government must do certain things to improve the situation actively. Here are four recommendations to that end.

Evaluation of The Budget

Housing risk is one of the things that came with Covud-19. The pandemic has taught everyone the need for a safe place to live in times of disasters. But this is a problem for young people that face housing difficulties. The Budget makes certain provisions to serve the needs to support young people. $5.3 billion to serve the purpose of building 12, 000 new homes that will replace the old ones. This includes 9300 new social housing properties to replace the old 1, 100 ones. The funding will also be targeted at developing monthly affordable homes that will serve the needs of young people. This will work to reduce those ones on the waiting list. $75.1 million to be used over four years for expanding housing initiatives that support the needs of young people until they turn the age of 21 years. This remains a landmark funding that will change the lives of young people and better attend to their needs accordingly. The new social housing scheme must carefully consider the needs of young people and ensure to provide for these needs accordingly. This should also entail solutions that will help address the myriads of barriers that young people face when it comes accessing social housing schemes. These mechanisms should not only be limited to public housing schemes but also the private housing market to ensure a fairground for young people to access secure and affordable homes to live. Young people and youth workers contribute greatly to the development and growth of communities. It is appropriate that the government recognises their voices. A collaboration between the government and the young generation will go a long way in solving these problems.

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