Youth Participation

Youth Participation for Inclusive Governance

The voices of young people remain one of their most important tools. For successful policies and governance, it is necessary that young people be involved. The government must create avenues to ensure that young people have a stake in developmental processes. The absence of youth participation merely creates non-inclusive governance. This is counterproductive and doesn’t make for effective preparation for the future. To ensure we move forward appropriately and foster all-round solutions, the government must hearken to the voices of young people. Also, there is a need to develop various materials documenting the voices of young people. This will serve as a reference material which young people can refer to. One cannot undersell the importance of youth participation. If the government fails to recognise the voices of the youth accordingly, apathy may start to set in, and this only creates a set of young people that cannot drive solutions. We call on the government to encourage and recognise the voices of the youth and the several roles which they play.

Roles Played By Young People

Young people play different crucial roles in the state. Firstly, they help with community building. Young people help with the growth of communities by serving as an information channel for important pieces of information. Young people ensure that all members of the communities are updated on essential issues. They have a deft understanding of what communities need and how to drive change. With young people, there has been a sense of direction concerning the wrong things. The best way to change these things needs to include the participation of young people who can help drive change at the local levels with the communities. Furthermore, young people are responsible for helping different communities develop strategies to best combat the issues the community faces. We have activator programs through which we recruit young people to use their advocacy skills to help communities grow and solve immediate challenges. Depending on the needs of the community, young people foster different steps that can best address these issues. One of such issues is helping communities with bushfire problems to build resilience and deal with the impacts of the fire. Through this, young people can help in keeping animals alive and in better condition. With our program, young people have the avenue to take up different topics that they relate with. This program brings major benefits to communities, as young people now make sacrifices to solve problems and better the lives of different communities. This is one thing that is remarkable in youth participation. We understand that for development to be all-round and sustainable, we must include the young generation who are filled with strength and brimming with ideas. A failure to understand this merely leaves us at the same spot. In the process of participation, young people not only make a meaningful contribution, but also build themselves across several areas, including research, advocacy, and other essential skills. As such, after sacrificing to solve the problem of communities effectively, young people need to be supported with the required funding, mentoring, and health needs they have. This is how to build a system of trust, where participation is rewarded appropriately.

Victorian Youth Policy Document

Gathering the voices of young people and their recommendation on improvement is an essential thing to do. One of such materials that provide this is the Victorian Youth Policy Document, which compiles the voices and recommendations of several young people on their experiences with regard to participation and what needs to be done for improvement. The document is premised on the belief that young people are experts in their lives and understand the gaps that need to be addressed in the system. This document is respected for containing 833 observations and recommendations from over 130 publications from young people. The document identified key findings and suggested relevant recommendations that can help to address the problems. This document further attests to the fact that young people are filled with ideas and the passion for making change. Over 130 publications are a symbol of intensity and the desire for participation. A collaboration that will shape the scope of governance must be one that recognises the impacts this set of people can make. As such, there is a need for this kind of document across different governments in Australia. Documents that identify the key gaps and offer relevant recommendations that can sole the gaps.

The Importance Of Such Document

There are various ways to use this document. Asides from being a key document that allows the government to see where gaps exist, the document can also serve research purposes. If you have future research to carry out on youth participation and you need a source to cite, this document makes for a perfect one, as it offers a comprehensive set of materials on all you may need. More so, the recommendations contained in the document were made by youth sectors and young people. The recommendations are out of intensive consultations and the study of the peculiar conditions of each identified problem. Therefore, when there are documents like this across different places, each government can have insights into the realities in communities, and future researchers can also make use of it for their research papers.

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